Please ensure you follow Public Health England guidelines to keep you and our community safe.

Outdoor Learning

At Broadmayne First School, we are extremely lucky to have our own on-site woodland which enhances our outdoor curriculum. It is a key feature of our school, and all of our children create wonderful memories through creative activities and experiences shared here.
Regular woodland visits are made by each year group, and visits are weekly by our Reception/Acorn class. Sessions are lead by our experienced staff and occasionally by suitably qualified visitors to the school.
Outdoor learning offers all learners opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences.  It fosters a love of nature, and respect for safety. It also feeds opportunities for imaginative play, exploration, team work, friendship and creativity.

Outdoor learning is not exclusive to working in the woods, and is highly valued and woven into every area of our curriculum. It offers opportunities for learning to become more practical and stimulating when natural resources are used, and the confines of a classroom are removed.

Our 'Broadmayne Passport' identifies 20 key outdoor learning experiences we hope every child to experience before they leave our school.