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We aim for all children at Broadmayne First School to develop a solid foundation of musicianship and gain a deep multisensory understanding of the elements of music. This gives them a greater understanding of the music that they create and listen to. We see music as a way of broadening our children's knowledge of the world and expanding their cultural curriculum.

Our intent is to inspire and provide all pupils with the opportunity to develop their musical potential through engaging experiences, recognising that music is an important part of cultural identity. We extend and develop pupils’ cultural capital through awareness and understanding of traditions and music styles from a variety of cultures, times and places.  We also recognise that music benefits both cognitive and personal development.  Ensemble performing is a vital part of this and a focus on pulse and pitch recognition is fundamental, and we reflect this in our curriculum. 

We encourage and prepare students for lifelong musical participation, engagement and appreciation, both in school and beyond, including preparation for further study if appropriate.  We work closely with a specialist music teacher to ensure our curriculum prepares our children for their move to middle school.

Alongside our music curriculum, we  have other opportunities for our children to develop their musicianship and enjoyment of music.   For example, the Dorset Music Service offer whole class instrumental lessons to our Year 4 class each year, we take part in concerts with other schools within DASP, and we have weekly singing assemblies where we all sing together.

The children also have the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments with our peripatetic teachers individually or in small groups.