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At Broadmayne we recognise that maths is a creative and highly interconnected subject, a skill we use on a daily basis and an essential part of everyday life. Maths is critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary in most forms of employment. At Broadmayne we believe a high-quality mathematics education therefore provides a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.
Mathematics forms an important part of our broad and balanced curriculum where we endeavour to ensure that children develop an enjoyment and enthusiasm for the subject that will stay with them throughout their lives and empower them for their futures. We believe that unlocking mathematical fluency is an essential life skill for all learners and is a pre-requisite to being able to reason and solve problems mathematically. Our aim is to develop a positive culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths that produces strong, secure learning.
As a school, we recognise that the key to unlocking the potential in our children is through the development of basic mathematical skills and the understanding of mathematical concepts, and we follow a mastery approach that enables all children the chance to succeed.  Our approach enhances mathematical understanding, enjoyment and achievement for every child. Children are encouraged to physically represent mathematical concepts. Objects and pictures are used to demonstrate and visualise abstract ideas, alongside numbers and symbols. Mathematical concepts are explored in a variety of representations and problem-solving contexts to give pupils a richer and deeper learning experience.
Our maths curriculum is carefully planned to be progressive; at KS1 it is designed to develop competencies to equip pupils for KS2 where they will build on their knowledge, make connections and solve increasingly sophisticated problems.