With Autumn is on its way, please make sure you have a named coat when you are at school!

Before and After School Care

Our school can offer care for your child for both before and after school hours:
Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club offers a warm and welcoming start to the day for your child.  Run by experienced staff members, the club is open from 7.45 am to 8.45 am every day.  There is a range of breakfast options available and preschool children from 3 and up are welcome to attend.  
Cool Kids
Cool Kids runs from Monday - Thursday from 3.15 - 5.30pm.  We welcome children from Broadmayne, younger siblings from West Knighton and Broadmayne Pre-School, and older siblings from the middle schools.  Run by experienced staff members, Cool Kids offers a wide range of art, craft and play activities, with a healthy and substantial snack during the session.
Breakfast Club and Cool Kids clubs can be paid for using tax free childcare vouchers, and can be booked through the school office. 
The Family Information Service website gives a clear overview of funding schemes available for parents to help them with the costs of childcare. Tax-free Childcare can be useful for working parents with school aged children, as it can be used to pay childcare costs for 0 to 15 year olds. The scheme can be used to help pay for a range of childcare options, including holiday, after-school and breakfast clubs.