With Autumn is on its way, please make sure you have a named coat when you are at school!


At Broadmayne First School we are determined to ensure that all of our pupils have the opportunity to achieve success. We know that regular attendance supports our children in many ways, including
  • creating a positive attitude towards learning,
  • building strong and supportive relationships with other children and adults in the school
  • building the confidence to try new opportunities,
  • ensuring that your child is able to take part in every opportunity in order to achieve their full potential.
The school expects our pupils to achieve a minimum standard of 97% attendance (which equates to no more than 6 days of missed education in an academic year).
As attendance is of high priority, your child's attendance is monitored closely.  Should it fall below a good level of attendance, we will follow the attendance procedures and guidelines outlined in our school Attendance Policy (see below) and as supported by  DASP.
Please note, that to endorse this policy, no leave of absence will be granted during term-time except in exceptional circumstances. An absence request form (below) is available for submission to the Headteacher in this event.
We aim to ensure that all pupils are happy and successful, and will benefit greatly from the commitment to learning during their time in our school.