Please ensure you follow Public Health England guidelines to keep you and our community safe.

E Safety

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection website (CEOP) is a one stop portal where you can go to for advice and support if you or your child are worried about anything experienced when using the internet; you can also report any issues here. Please note we also have a link to the CEOPS site on the home page of this website.
National Online Safety have a fantastic range of guides for parents that cover most aspects of children's online engagement, including Fortnite, Minecraft and making use of parental controls.  These can all be accessed here: National Online Safety Guides
The Summer 2019 E Safety letter for parents from the Safer Schools and Communities team can be found below. This newsletter covers The Internet of Things, viral scares and the use of anonymous apps.
The Spring 2019 SSCT newsletter talks about what might be in the games your children are playing, and tackles the thorny issue of how much is too much screen time.
The Autumn 2019 newsletter from the Safer Schools and Communites Team is an in depth look at supporting children who bully others, to help them change their behaviour in a positive way.
Safer Internet Day 2017 was February 7th this year. The Safer Internet Centre have lots of excellent resources for parents and children to use to enable everyone to have a positive and safe experience using the internet and mobile technology.