Welcome back to school everyone! The weather is a little unreliable at the moment - please ensure all children have a coat whilst at school!

Science week

 This week has been Science Week at Broadmayne. We have been celebrating science in lots of different ways, from making and baking bread, to creating explosions and finding out about the water cycle.
Year 3 were finding out about Light, Dark and Shadows. They all participated in lots of activities exploring light and dark and explained what they had discovered.
Year 4 learnt about solids, liquids and gasses and experimented using a range of liquids including water, vinegar and cola and mixing it with bicarbonate of soda.
We have had special visitors to help in our learning.
Mr De Nordwall gave up some of his precious time to bring science into the classroom. We investigated how materials are made up of atoms and how they react with different materials. This was proved by making simple batteries using copper, nickel and blotting paper soaked in lemon juice. The two different metals reacted to each other via the lemon juice to create electricity. We also made human chains to demonstrate molecules sticking together to make different structures such as diamond!
The Creepy Crawly Show came to help us learn about different animals, their diet and habitat. We had lots of fun ( and some of us were very brave!) finding out about creatures from all around the world.