Autumn Term 2018

In the Autumn term we have focused on plastics.  We are working with Surfers Against Sewage and are part of a local initiative to make Dorchester a plastic free area.  We have looked at our use of single use plastics, and now have regular waste free lunches on a Wednesday.  We have brought in additional recycling facilities for foil, tetrapacks and ICT equipment.
Surfers Against Sewagw information can be found here
At the end of the Autumn term we introduced the school to Eco bricks to reduce the amount of plastic going in to bins.  
More information can be found here Eco Bricks
The Blue Marine Foundation came in and spoke to the whole school about the impact of plastics on the oceans, and ways in which we could help reduce the problem.
In order to reuse plastic, we won a bid for money to design and build a greenhouse from plastic bottles, which we are currently collecting.